reached by train in 1 hour and 33 minutes while, thanks to the Great Belt Bridge, trains to Copenhagen can take as little as an hour and a quarter. (in Danish) Retrieved "Aalborgtårnet", Berlingske, (in Danish) Retrieved "Utzon Center" permanent dead link, Kim Utzon Arkitekter. NordjyskeMedier Archived at the Wayback Machine. Next to Aalborg Hall, Ansgar's Church with its tall tower was built in 1929 to a design by Hother August Paludan in a modern Baroque style. Retrieved "Velkommen til Egholm Festival 2013!". Aalborg is also home to the former Catholic church, the Abbey of Our Lady, converted from a Benedictine nunnery. In 1950, it reached 87,883, which grew to 100,587 by 1970. Lyndelse, to his career and success on the European music scene, with his violins, his bugle and his grand piano on display, as well as a number of his musical scores, including six symphonies, three concertos, two operas, and chamber music and numerous songs. Teaching began in 1966. 67 Aalborg was home to De Danske Spritfabrikker or Danish Distillers (now owned by the Norwegian company Arcus which produces numerous brands of akvavit, until 2014. Retrieved permanent dead link "Aalborg Historiske Museum". About 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) to the southwest of the city, near the hamlet of Restrup Enge, is Aalborg Golf Klub. The eastern side of the bight between Fyns Hoved and Skoven,.5 metres (18 ft) to the south, is irregular, with a beach and hills behind it, and to the south of the bight is the small, shallow Korshavn Bay, with the Korshavn Light in the.

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The tall sculptural roofs of the auditorium and the boat-hall, both on the harbour front, and the library facing the park area and the city are set off by the lower roofs of the exhibition and workshop areas inside the complex. As the bikers disappeared it became increasingly popular for people of all ages. The club has won three national championships, and five cup titles. The university is the result of a merger between several further education institutions on Funen and in Jelling, Vejle and Svendborg. "August 13, 1940 attack on Aalborg West". Hans Christian Andersen who is remembered above all for his fairy tales. A b c d "Aalborg a city of taste". Retrieved b c "Østre Anlæg" (in Danish). Retrieved "Rugby Club Odense". In 1865, one of the largest railway terminals in Denmark was built, further increasing the population and commerce, and by 1900, Odense had reached a population of 35,000. 18 As a result, the population declined slightly in the 1970s and 1980s, falling to 136,646 in 1981. 23 Geography edit View of Aalborg and the Limfjord from the west Map showing location (as Ålborg) in Denmark Aalborg is in North Jutland (northwestern Denmark at the narrowest point of the Limfjord, a shallow sound that separates North Jutlandic Island (Vendsyssel-Thy) from the rest. It contains the principal works by Jens Juel, Dankvart Dreyer,.S.